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Amy Malkoff Music | BACKUP


"I love what you do with harmony."
- Dar Williams, singer-songwriter

“First I thought I had hired an old friend with some harmony vocal skills. I realized what I had was a talented
vocal arranger, a harmony trouble shooter with spot-on intonation, and a 'song colorist' ready and armed
with ideas looong before tape starts rolling. Better hire her now, she may soon be unaffordable for your
next project.”

- Vance Gilbert, singer-songwriter

"Amy is a total pro, with ace vocal chops as a lead singer and harmonizer, impeccable taste and a great
work ethic."

- Sean Altman, singer-songwriter, formerly Rockapella


I am available for live harmony work on a per gig or ongoing. I will make it sound like we've rehearsed extensively, even if we haven't. In addition:

-I can write my own harmonies or sing yours (or a combination thereof), learned either by ear or written.
-I can write several lines from which to choose from on the fly, from the complex and edgy to the beautiful and smooth.
-I can blend my vocals seamlessly to yours, and, because of years of choral and a cappella work, can match breathing and phrasing with accuracy, with one other person solo, with a band, or in a vocal group.
-I have complete control over my vibrato and can take it out or put it in at will, and I can easily hold long tones for an instrumental effect.
-I play acoustic (steel string,
Larrivée) guitar and keyboard, as well as some percussion.
-I have good mic technique.
-I am able and happy to travel anywhere for rehearsals or performances.



I have years of studio experience, and can do vocal lines in a minimal amount of takes. I am professional, and will arrive on time, engaged and prepared.

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