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Adding social media to your business' marketing plan simply makes sense. There's sometimes confusion around the term "social media", and what it actually does and can do ("it's just for people who want to post pictures of their lunch!"), and much of that confusion is the result of these platforms being used for both the personal and professional. For the latter, they can be powerful tools. Many of your clients, colleagues and future clients are online, so reaching out to them where they are can benefit and connect you in ways that other marketing avenues can't. I can help you create direct, vibrant, dynamic content at the right times, to get results. I run and/or have set up campaigns for several organizations and individuals in varied industries.





Instagram / Instagram Stories



  • setting up and running a social media marketing campaign (with platforms curated and chosen for your organization)

  • one-time setup or ongoing

  • social media consults

  • ongoing analysis of insights and statistics to tailor campaigns to your organization

  • creation of commensurate graphics and images to current platform specs


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